Waves or et tu Mondrian


The large paintings depicting the Northmarsh are finally starting to break down. The natural move towards abstraction has taken longer than I had expected, I feel this is probably because I was looking for a grid like structure. A parallel with the levels of flemish proportions whereby reality was diluted to grid like form, simplfied through process. However the colour which was constantly vibrating between light and dark seemed to come in the fluctuating forms of waves more kinetic than arrested forms.


In desperation I painted a grid, I made the commitment with colour, yet it wasn’t right, the structure presented nothing but disappointment.

Waves, upon waves upon waves.

Colour broke apart in frequency, large buzzing pulses of colour was surely the way to take apart the levels. What of the enclosures, how to capture such pernicious containment without the grid! For this I’m not to sure, I guess we’ll see what happens.




Well, how to put this, I have been a busy bee creating a small kind of studio in the garage. Containing a new revised nipping press out of an old wardrobe and a silkscreen facility.

These are exciting times for the Badger Print/ Northmarsh as we attempt to ramp up the creative output.  A print depicting the dominance of the Falcon over Bath’s skyline. A screen print of the most wondrous collective noun. Below you may find them.






The Babe and the Fall

The Babe book art fair took place this weekend and as always was a truly inspirational event. The event hosts over 100 stalls of artists writers illustrators poets and sociopaths from absolutely everywhere. The beauty of the event is the pure democracy of it all; the plethora of ideas and artefacts is mind-blowing. You can see the faces of the punters slowly dissipate and wane under the sheer weight of it all. There are few events where ideas are presented in such volume with such force, where images fight for your attention, for your love.  From a stall holders perspective it is a fantastic way to engage directly with an audience and see first-hand how they react to your work, your ideas your propositions. I enjoy the anger and dismissal as much as the engagement. It informs your work generates new ideas takes it new directions. The comradery between the stallholders is always genuine and always inspiring. Muchas Gracias to the Babe team, to the Arnolfini and UWE, long may it prosper.


To celebrate I have uploaded one of my new books free to download, check out the ‘Books Books Books’ tab bonanza!


All New Train News and other stuff

Apologies to all you thousands of watchers to this site. I have been busy, I have been silent. I have been building a ton of books ready for the Arnolfini Book fair which is this weekend.


A new edition of Train News is uploaded to the website now!

Other stuff to follow!

Cheers Greg

Abombpress @ the Arnolfini Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE)

Abombpress will be running a stall at the Biennial event at the Arnolfini Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE). The event is well worth a visit and all the book work on this website will be available to peruse and purchase, if you prefer a chat, these are available as well.

If you’re into Hastags the Arnolfini has created a very fine one indeed:  #BABE2015

The link for the website is below:


The official blurb is as follows:

Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) brings together more than 80 artist bookmakers, dealers and small presses, from Bristol and around the world, to show and sell their work.


Taking place across all three floors of Arnolfini, BABE provides a relaxed and friendly space to meet artists and buy affordable book art. Across the weekend there will also be a number of performances, workshops, interventions and informal talks.


Organised in conjunction with the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England.

Train News Back Issues

Train News back Issues!

To celebrate the festive season I have uploaded the back issues of Train News 1-6. First published and printed in editions of 500 in 2010. Each copy was folded and inserted into the free daily ‘News’ papers that blight our daily commutes and then deposited at Bristol TempleMeads. Whether anyone actually saw a copy is pure speculation.

First post

This Website is an attempt to bring together all the pictures and ideas I have been working on. This is the first post the very first, I will be attempting more. Also I will be uploading a downloadable news missive ‘Trainnews’ every month.

Cheers for now Greg