Waves or et tu Mondrian


The large paintings depicting the Northmarsh are finally starting to break down. The natural move towards abstraction has taken longer than I had expected, I feel this is probably because I was looking for a grid like structure. A parallel with the levels of flemish proportions whereby reality was diluted to grid like form, simplfied through process. However the colour which was constantly vibrating between light and dark seemed to come in the fluctuating forms of waves more kinetic than arrested forms.


In desperation I painted a grid, I made the commitment with colour, yet it wasn’t right, the structure presented nothing but disappointment.

Waves, upon waves upon waves.

Colour broke apart in frequency, large buzzing pulses of colour was surely the way to take apart the levels. What of the enclosures, how to capture such pernicious containment without the grid! For this I’m not to sure, I guess we’ll see what happens.