The Babe and the Fall

The Babe book art fair took place this weekend and as always was a truly inspirational event. The event hosts over 100 stalls of artists writers illustrators poets and sociopaths from absolutely everywhere. The beauty of the event is the pure democracy of it all; the plethora of ideas and artefacts is mind-blowing. You can see the faces of the punters slowly dissipate and wane under the sheer weight of it all. There are few events where ideas are presented in such volume with such force, where images fight for your attention, for your love.  From a stall holders perspective it is a fantastic way to engage directly with an audience and see first-hand how they react to your work, your ideas your propositions. I enjoy the anger and dismissal as much as the engagement. It informs your work generates new ideas takes it new directions. The comradery between the stallholders is always genuine and always inspiring. Muchas Gracias to the Babe team, to the Arnolfini and UWE, long may it prosper.


To celebrate I have uploaded one of my new books free to download, check out the ‘Books Books Books’ tab bonanza!


All New Train News and other stuff

Apologies to all you thousands of watchers to this site. I have been busy, I have been silent. I have been building a ton of books ready for the Arnolfini Book fair which is this weekend.

A new edition of Train News is uploaded to the website now!

Other stuff to follow!

Cheers Greg